Cailin Deise River Cruise Experience

Welcome aboard the magnificent Cailin Deise! Set sail with us daily from Adelphi Quay in Waterford and embark on a 90-minute journey along the enchanting River Suir. Experience breath taking views of historic landmarks like the Reginald’s Tower, the Bishop’s Palace and the Clock Tower. Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of the river, surrounded by lush greenery and vibrant flora. Sailing mornings and evenings and also Saturdays and Sundays with private bookings available for special occasions and events. Join us for an unforgettable adventure, blending nature, history and cultural wonders. Reserve your spot now and let the River Suir cast its spell on you!


Barrow Princess moored at the marina

BARROW PRINCESS River Cruise Experience

Embark on a journey of relaxation and culture with Barrow Princess River Cruise. A beautiful cruise along the Barrow and Suir rivers. As you sit in modern day comfort you can imagine the history of the rivers coming to life. From the annals of ancient Celtic lore to modern day affiliations this is a unique trip through Irish history. From the Ports of Waterford and New Ross to the confluence of the Three Sisters Rivers, the Barrow Railway Bridge, the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Bridge, Annaghs Castle and House and Waterford Castle are among some of the sights you will see. Bring the kids along for a unique steering experience! Reserve your spot today!


For more information on either of our cruisers – Barrow Princess or Cailin Deise, please email or call or WhatsApp 087 252 9736.


"Had I not been in Scotland, and sailed down the Firth” of Clyde, I would pronounce this trip on the arms of Waterford Harbour to be the finest in the United Kingdom. Or, were there not much that is beautiful out of the United Kingdom, I could also say that it is the most delightful journey I ever made in my life. But it is sufficient to affirm that the landscape on the shores of these waters is as picturesque, pleasing, and diversified in its kind as any other in the world."

Travels in Ireland, Johann Georg Kohl, 1844

Annaghs Castle

Cruise Route

The journey between the two ports takes in some of the most beautiful scenery in Ireland. Cruising along the river, the views are unique and give a very different perspective to well-known landmarks. Other landmarks are out of public view when travelling by road.

There are many points of interest along the way from ancient Christian sites to modern day architecture. To view a detailed map and description of some of the major landmarks along the route, please click on the button below.